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Mushroom Growing Tips Interview Jessica Wolf Part 2

Interview with Mycologist Jessica Wolf

Get inspired to grow mushrooms for food and medicine in this two part interview with mycologist Jessica Wolf, co-founder of Grow Mushrooms Canada.   Yarrow Willard visits her mushroom farm in Sayward BC, and the two delve into easy and inexpensive techniques that will have you growing mushrooms in no time.  Watch Part 1 Here

Mush Luv to Yarrow Willard and videographer Shane Phillips for helping us share our experience cultivating mushrooms through this interview.  Yarrow Willard is co-founder of Harmonic Arts, a family-based Canadian business specializing in medicinal plants and mushrooms.  We are proud to offer their medicinal mushroom tinctures and powders at Grow Mushrooms Canada.  Browse selection here.

Check out Yarrow’s Herbal Jeti Channel:
and videographer Shane Philips’ website: http://islandsoulfilms