Wildfire update: evacuation risk has passed for now. Read more here.

An out of control wildfire is raging a mere 10 km from our forested mushroom farm in Sayward BC, and we are on high alert for an evacuation order.

Despite this uncertainty, we continue to produce fresh mushroom spawn and ship your orders out promptly.

However we may need to close our farm soon, without warning, if an evacuation order is given.

We encourage you to stock up on mushroom growing supplies now, and are having a literal “fire sale” with up to 30% off this week.

Newcastle Creek Wildfire
The village of Sayward, B.C., lies approximately five kilometres east of the Newcastle Creek wildfire. (Megan Mathiason)

Human Caused

Fire officials announced the wildfire on Monday afternoon, and high winds fanned the blaze to 90 hectares by that evening.

Even with the best efforts of firefighters on the ground and by air, the fire has grown to more than 2 square kilometers in size (209 hectares), blanketing the valley with smoke.

No evacuation order has been issued to date, but the community is on high alert for any change.

The fire is suspected to be human caused.

Wildfire outside of Sayward, BC
Courtesy of BC Wildfire Service
Collecting brush
Jessica and our staff are clearing brush from around the farm

Taking Action to Save the Mushroom Farm

Jessica and staff have been working to create a “fire safe” perimeter around her residence and the mushroom production facilities.

All dead twigs and branches are being removed from this area, then the forest floor is raked to remove dry leaves and duff which pose the biggest risk of igniting from falling embers.

We have made a big pile of this organic material far from the buildings, and naturally the team has plans to plant it with wine cap mushroom spawn. We also have plans to grow shiitake on the small alder tree that had to be cut down next to the house.

“It’s quite terrifying - the thought of losing the farm to fire, We’re doing what we can to be productive in the face of such a looming threat.”

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Ongoing Threat

With the fire still burning out of control and not responding to fire suppression efforts, we don’t know what is on the horizon.

But in the meantime, we will continue to ship your orders promptly and appreciate your ongoing support.

Our thoughts are with all the people across Canada who are currently affected by fires.

Be fire safe!

Jessica and the Grow Mushrooms Canada Team

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The Key is to Keep Cold or Delay Shipping

Refrigeration will delay fruiting for a month or more, and a cold dark basement will slow them for 2-3 weeks.  A sticker on your parcel will alert the recipient to keep it cold.

We encourage you to order early to avoid the uncertainties of the seasonal postal rush, and delay shipping.  To delay shipping, select a date on the checkout page, found directly under your total order $ value.   If you don’t select a date, we will ship in 1-2 business days.

The elves at our family farm are doing our best to keep everything in stock, but we request your understanding just in case we run out and substitute a similar product in order to ship on time.  

Consider also the option of a non-perishable gift, like booksmushroom hot chocolate, or a gift card so that your loved one can choose a living gift when timing is best for them.

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