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Summer of 2023 brings us a new and exciting Mist & Grow Mushroom Kit that you won’t want to miss!

Wildfire Risk Reduced

Being Held The wildfire that is threatening the farm has been reclassified as ‘Being Held’. This means that the 209 hectare fire is not expected to spread beyond it’s containment boundaries under current conditions.  This is due to the tireless work of 60 firefighters and 2 helicopters that have been working around the clock to […]

Wildfire Threatens Our Mushroom Farm

Wildfire update: evacuation risk has passed for now. Read more here. An out of control wildfire is raging a mere 10 km from our forested mushroom farm in Sayward BC, and we are on high alert for an evacuation order. Despite this uncertainty, we continue to produce fresh mushroom spawn and ship your orders out […]

The Great North American FungiQuest 2022

Grow Mushrooms Canada is excited to partner in Think Fungi’s BioBlitz! Join this epic BioBlitz to document all fungi species across North America (23 countries).  Between September 15 and October 15, 2022, get out and discover fungi, slime molds and lichens, then upload your photos to partner platforms: NatureSpots, MushroomObserver, iNaturalist, QuestaGame,, or […]

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