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Finding Mushrooms Logs After Winter Storm

A blizzard at the mushroom farm on Vancouver Island brought down many fresh trees. Join Jessica and Sparky on a walk down the logging road in search of perfect logs to grow mushrooms on. Buy Plug Spawn Buy Sawdust Spawn Buy Innoculation Tools

Game Changers in the History Of Mushroom Growing

Primitive attempts at Mushroom Growing date back to 7th Century Fossil records show that humans have been foraging and eating mushrooms since the stone ages. Mushroom spores were discovered in the teeth of human skeletons as far back as the late paleolithic era 19,000 years ago. As cultivators, however, we are rather new to mushroom […]

When Is Too Late to Inoculate?

Customers often ask “When is the best time to plant my mushroom logs?” While the “ideal” time to plant your mushroom logs is early spring, you can plant anytime up until a month or so before winter freeze sets in.   That’s great news because opportunities to gather logs can present themselves year-round. Is there a […]

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