Ultrasonic Mist Maker – Single Disc


This high quality single disc mist maker is perfect for creating a humid environment for mushrooms to grow.  Easily humidifies small spaces like 2x4ft  mini-greenhouses or “Martha tents”.

Ultrasonic Mist Maker - Single Disc $53.99

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This high quality single disc fogger can easily create the high humidity levels needed for fruiting mushrooms in a monotub, mini-greenhouse, 3x4ft “Martha tent” or other creative set up.

Super easy to set up!  Simply rest the disc inside float and place in a container of water, plug in the power cord and mist away.

Maintain consistent high humidity by plugging into an Inkbird Humidistat, and increase your fog output with a waterproof fan, using duct or tubing to direct the mist into your fruiting chamber if needed.   A UV light sterilizer will keep your water reservoir extra clean.

This 20mm ultrasonic fogger is the most powerful single disc mister on the market, leading the industry with 500ml/hr output.  Competitor’s 16mm brass discs just don’t compare.  The ceramic disc is lightweight and coated in a clear glaze for minimal buildup and easy cleaning.

Tested and trusted by mushroom growers world-wide, House of Hydro mist makers are backed by a one year warranty.  Nearly all competitor mist makers have leak-prone LED’s on the transducer that will cause algae growth and premature failure.  House of Hydro mist are LED free and built to last!

At Grow Mushrooms Canada we have been happily using these mist makers on our farm for years with no issues.  The discs seem to last forever, and this kit comes set of three 20mm replacement discs.

For areas larger than 4x4ft this single disc mist maker may suffice.  But if your air is very dry, your grows require high air exchange, or you plan to expand – consider the Three Disc Fogger instead.  Three disc foggers can be purchased directly from the House of Hydro.

Check out the House of Hydro‘s Tutorials and FAQ for more info.

Product Details:

  • Power Consumption: 0.25A
  • Average droplet size 3-5 microns
  • Misting disk size: 20mm
  • Float: 108mm (OD) x 64mm (H)
  • Fogger size: 40mm (Dia) x 45mm (H)
  • Output: 500ml/h (.132 Gal/h)

Additional information

Weight0.876 kg
Dimensions14 × 12 × 14.5 cm