Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms


A detailed and comprehensive guide for growing and using gourmet and medicinal mushrooms commercially or at home.

Absolutely the best book in the world on how to grow diverse and delicious mushrooms.”—David Arora, author of Mushrooms Demystified

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Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms

About Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

After years of living in awe of the mysterious fungi known as mushrooms-chefs, health enthusiasts, and home cooks alike can’t get enough of these rich, delicate morsels. With updated production techniques for home and commercial cultivation, detailed growth parameters for 31 mushroom species, a trouble-shooting guide, and handy gardening tips, this revised and updated handbook will make your mycological landscapes the envy of the neighborhood.

Written by the leader of the industry, this book is considered the bible for commercial mushroom growing information, and is a must-read for intermediate or advanced mushroom cultivators. A comprehensive guide, this edition gives detailed growing information, including many different growing techniques from around the world, with a scientific explanation of each one, and a history of the evolution of growing techniques. 


Included are detailed growth parameters for 31 mushroom species, with over 500 photographs, illustrations, and charts to clearly identify each stage of mushroom cultivation.  The book also shares gardening tips, state of the art production techniques, and realistic advice for grow room construction, as well as recipes. Considered the definitive text on mushroom growing, this book belongs in the personal library of mycologists, ecologists, and biologists alike.


Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms is a visionary quest – and Paul Stamets is your best possible guide – not just for informing you about growing mushrooms, but for transforming you into a myco-warrior, an active participant in a heroic, Gaian process of planetary health through mushroom cultivation. 

-Gary Lincoff, author of “The Audubon Field Guide to Mushrooms”

About the Author
PAUL STAMETS, founder of Fungi Perfecti (, has been a dedicated mycologist for more than thirty years. He is the 1998 recipient of the Collective Heritage Institute’s Bioneers Award and the 1999 recipient of the Founder of a New Northwest Award from the Pacific Rim Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils. Stamets has written five books on mushroom cultivation, use, and identification and numerous articles and scholarly papers on medicinal, culinary, and psycho-active mushrooms. His books Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms and The Mushroom Cultivator (co-author) have long been hailed as the definitive texts on mushroom cultivation.

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