Wooden Dowel Pins


Wooden dowel pins for mushroom plug spawn. Straight or spiral grooved depending on stock.  5/16 inch x 1 inch or 8mmx25mm.  Expand your grow kit or plug spawn onto hardwood dowels for inoculation into logs and garden beds.



Wooden dowel pins for creation of mushroom plug spawn.  Depending on stock, dowels may either be spiral grooved (pictured) or straight grooved, and metric size 8mmx25mm or standard 5/16inch x 1inch.  Both types of dowels work well for growing mushroom plug spawn, and can be used either with either an 8mm drill bit or 5/16inch drill bit.

Soak dowels then inoculate with your culture of shiitake, lion’s mane, oyster, reishi or other compatible mushroom species.  You can use plug spawn or grow kits to inoculate your dowels.  Once your dowels are colonized with mycelium, drill holes in logs and tap your inoculated dowels into the hole with a hammer.  Cover with melted wax.

Wine Caps (Garden Giants) can also be expanded onto dowels for inoculation into garden beds or containers.

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