Shiitake Plug Spawn (Cold Strain)


Hardwood dowels inoculated with cold strain shiitake mushroom mycelium for log cultivation.  Drill hole in freshly harvested hardwood log, tap in plug spawn with hammer, cover with wax.



Hardwood dowels inoculated with “cold temperature range” shiitake mycelium for log cultivation.

“Cold range” indicates the conditions under which this strain can be fruited, and are NOT an indication of which type of climate they grow best.  Fruiting Temperatures: ~7-20C (44-68C).  This strain of shiitake will expand your season by fruiting earlier in the spring and extending later in fall than the wide range variety. Does not respond well to forced fruiting in summer.

Shiitake Lentinula edodes, are a gourmet edible mushroom long revered in Asia.  Growing shiitake on hardwood logs is easy, but takes patience as it can take up to a year, even two, before your logs are ready to fruit for the first time.  These delicious mushrooms are well worth the wait, and once colonized your logs will produce a few crops every year over several years.

Drill holes about 25mm (1″) deep into freshly harvested hardwood log using 8mm (5/16″) drill bit (a depth stop can make the task easier).  Tap plug spawn into holes with hammer, then cover with melted wax using a dauber.   Store logs outdoors in shade, and soak periodically during extended dry periods.  After 6 months to 2 years your log will be ready to produce mushrooms.

Once your log is fully colonized, you can force fruit it in the spring and fall by soaking in cold water and keeping very wet for a week.  When conditions are right, shiitake can also fruit naturally (without forcing) in spring and fall.

For detailed instructions on how to inoculate your log, click here.  See also info sheet about caring for your mushroom log.

100 plugs will plant ~2 logs*  (~100g of wax will seal 100 plugs)
500 plugs will plant ~10 logs*  (~454g of wax will seal 500 plugs)
1,000 plugs will plant ~20 logs* (~908g of wax will seal 1,000 plugs)
*Based on an average log size of 40 inches long by 4 inches in diameter.

Additional information


100, 500, 1,000


with 100g wax, with 454g wax, without wax

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