Salai Filter Patch Bags XLShort-MM


LIQUIDATION SALE – Up to 20% off while supplies last!   Extra-Large (Short) Salai autoclavable bags with “MM” filter patch for fruiting blocks (10cm shorter with filter comparable to Unicorn XLSB).  Fill with supplemented substrate then sterilize.  Once cool inoculate with your mushroom grain spawn, seal and shake.  The filter allows air exchange, while keeping contaminants out.


Salai Bags bags with an “MM” filter are designed for fruiting blocks.  Fill with supplemented bulk substrate then sterilize in an autoclave or pressure canner.

Once cool, inoculate with grain spawn in a sterile lab or “still air box”, then seal with an impulse heat sealer/bag clamps or zap strap.  Shake to mix the mushroom culture throughout.  The filter patch allows for air exchange while keeping contaminants out during colonization.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 25x13x49.5 (10x5x20”) 10cm shorter than Unicorn XLS
Thickness: 60microns (2.4mil)
Filter: MM (comparable to Unicorn 5micron B filter)
Holds: ~
3kg (6.6lbs)

Quantity:  Sold by the box of 700 bags, or in bundles of 10 or 100.



Additional information

Weight N/A
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XL Short


10, 100, 700

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