Organic Rye Grains


Organic Canadian whole rye kernels used for mushroom grain spawn.  It’s great for eating too!



Organic Canadian (food grade) whole rye kernels make great mushroom grain spawn.

Cook and cool rye, then transfer into a filter patch bag or canning jar with airport lid.  Seal and sterilize in your pressure canner at 15psi for 90 minutes.  Let cool then inoculate with your favourite mushroom culture.  Check out our selection of liquid cultures here.  After about two weeks your fully colonized jar/bag of spawn can be used to inoculate bulk substrate.

Consider cooking up a bit of extra rye each batch because it’s delicious to eat too!

2.5kg –  $12.50
5kg    –  $22.50
20kg –   $70

For reference:
-270g of dry rye, once cooked will fill a 1L (quart) jar with room to shake
-660g of dry rye, once cooked fits in one small filter patch bag
-2.4kg of dry rye will fill 9 quart jars 2/3 way and fit into a Presto Pressure canner
-8kg of dry rye will fill 12 small filter patch bags and fit into an All American  941 model pressure canner

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2.5kg, 5kg, 20kg

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