The Inoculator for Sawdust Spawn


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New!!  Insert mushroom sawdust spawn into a log with this specialized inoculation tool.

Drill holes into log with a 12mm drill bit, insert the mushroom sawdust spawn of your choice with inoculation tool, then cover with melted wax to seal in the moisture and prevent contaminants from entering.

We designed The Inoculator for single handed operation, leaving one hand free to rotate the log.

The tool can also be used with two hands similar to a “palm inoculator”.  Video describing how to use the Inoculator will be posted soon.

Each one is made by hand in Canada from 316 stainless steel and solid (lead-free) brass handle, with a brass plunger and replaceable wire spring.

To clean or replace spring, simply unscrew brass plunger and the tool comes apart.

If you have hundreds of logs to inoculate, consider a tool that converts an angle grinder into a high speed 12mm drill with bit stop.

Replacement springs available.

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 6 cm
With and without depth stop

Drill bit only, Drill bit with depth stop

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