Hardwood Pellets


Hardwood sawdust pellets, perfect for all wood loving fungi like oysters, shiitake and lion’s mane.  Supplement with wheat bran for increased yields.



Hardwood pellets are a standard substrate for mushroom cultivation.  The pellets are 100% compressed sawdust, and contain no additives, nor chemicals and are perfect for all wood loving fungi like oysters, shiitake, and lion’s mane.

Add water and the pellets will quickly expand into sawdust.  Add enough water that the sawdust is well-hydrated, but not dripping wet.  If water pools in the bottom of container drain thoroughly before use.  Supplement with wheat bran for added nutrition and increased yields.

For best results load substrate in a unicorn filter patch bag and sterilize in a pressure canner or autoclave.  Let cool completely before inoculating with your favourite mushroom species.

Sample Recipe for Medium Filter Patch Bag

575g hardwood pellets (~3.25 cups)
145g wheat bran (~2 cups)
1.2L  water (~4.2 cups)

Load all ingredients into a medium 0.5 micron filter patch bag, let hydrate, fold over top and sterilize.  This recipe gives approximately 20% supplementation with bran.


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