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Liquid culture syringe of edible mushroom mycelium

Liquid Culture Syringe 10cc


Liquid Culture Syringe 10cc – Liquid cultures are a great way to maintain relatively sterile technique without expensive lab equipment.  Liquid culture can be transferred to agar, liquid media (to make more liquid culture), grains, and bulk substrates.

Soy wax for log inoculation

Soy Wax


After inoculating logs with plug spawn or sawdust spawn, cover with melted soy wax to retain moisture and keep competitors out while your mushroom colonizes the log.  Melted wax can be applied with a wool dauber, a brush or turkey baster.

Reishi (Ganoderman lucidum) growing from a kitReishi (Ganoderman lucidum) growing from a kit

Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) are a revered medicinal mushroom from Asia.  The mushroom fruit bodies are very slow to grow, and take 6-8 weeks or more to form right from the kit.  Kits can also be used as sawdust spawn to inoculate logs.  Kit size Kit size ~1.9kg (4lb+)

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Reishi Plug Spawn


Hardwood dowels inoculated with reishi mycelium for log cultivation.  Drill hole in freshly harvested hardwood log, tap in plug spawn with hammer, cover with wax.  Store log outdoors in shade, and soak periodically during extended dry periods.