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Liquid culture syringe of edible mushroom mycelium

Liquid Culture Syringe 10cc


Liquid Culture Syringe 10cc – Liquid cultures are a great way to maintain relatively sterile technique without expensive lab equipment.  Liquid culture can be transferred to agar, liquid media (to make more liquid culture), grains, and bulk substrates.

Wine cap mushroom in outdoor garden bedRoping mycelium of the garden giant mushroom growing on hardwood chips.

Wine Cap Outdoor Mushroom Kit


**ON BACKORDER WHLE WE GROW MORE FRESH FOR YOU.  PLEASE ANTICIPATE A 2-3 week delay if you order contains a Wine Cap kit.  Wine Cap mushrooms (also known as Garden Giants) are great for beginner growers.  Transplant spawn into straw or hardwood chips in a shaded planter box, or mulched around the base of fruit trees, perennial plants and garden pathways. *Spring orders now open.  We have limited supply in stock to ship now, and after they sell out we will grow it fresh to order.  May take ~1 month depending on orders.*