Liquid Culture Syringe 10cc – Liquid cultures are a great way to maintain relatively sterile technique without expensive lab equipment. Liquid culture can be transferred via the sterile needle to agar cultures, liquid media (to make more liquid culture), grains, and bulk substrates.

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Liquid culture airport lid for mushroom growingLiquid culture airport lid for mushroom growing

“AirPort” Lids for LC and Grain Spawn


This reusable liquid culture “airport” lid is equipped with a heavy duty injection port and a 0.22 µm syringe filter for air exchange in an autoclavable canning lid.  Replaceable gasket in lid forms seal when screwed on by stainless steel band.  Designed to keep contaminants out, while allowing for adequate gas exchange your cultures.  *Canning jar NOT included.*

Unicorn Injection Port Bags for Mushroom Growing CanadaAutoclavable gusseted filter patch bag

Injection Port Filter Patch Bags


Autoclavable bags with injection port and filter patch for mushroom growing. Fill with substrate and sterilize in pressure canner.  Once cool inoculate with a liquid culture syringe through the injection port with your mushroom culture.

Malt Agar Mix


This mix of light malt extract with agar is a great nutrient base for culturing fungal mycelium in a petri dish. Ingredients:  50% Light Malt Extract, 50% Agar Agar

Petri dish for cultivation on agarOut of stock

Petri Dishes


Packs of 20 vented petri dishes in sealed sterilized bag (100mmx15mm).  Purchase with or without enough parafilm to seal them.

Syringe filter for DIY liquid culture lids

Syringe Filter


Syringe filter (13 mm diameter,  0.22 µm).  Installed into a canning jar lid, the filter will keep contaminants out, while allowing for adequate gas exchange your liquid cultures.