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organic canadian rye grains for spawn

Organic Rye Grains


Organic Canadian whole rye kernels used for mushroom grain spawn.  It’s great for eating too!

Wheat Bran


Organic Canadian Wheat Bran is a great nutritional supplement that will increase the yields of your mushroom crop.

Malt Agar Mix


This mix of light malt extract with agar is a great nutrient base for culturing fungal mycelium in a petri dish. Ingredients:  50% Light Malt Extract, 50% Agar Agar

Wooden dowel pins for mushroom plug spawnHardwood dowels for plug spawn

Wooden Dowel Pins


Wooden dowel pins for mushroom plug spawn. Straight or spiral grooved depending on stock.  5/16 inch x 1 inch or 8mmx25mm.  Expand your grow kit or plug spawn onto hardwood dowels for inoculation into logs and garden beds.