Log inoculation tools

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Mushroom drill bit with depth stopMushroom drill bit with depth stop

8.5mm Drill Bit for Plug Spawn


Drill holes to the right depth with ease using our 8.5mm high speed auger bit with built-in depth stop.  Drill hole into freshly cut log, insert mushroom plug spawn, and cover with melted wax.  Round shank for use with regular or high speed drill.  For lightning-fast drilling, convert your angle grinder to a drill with our specialized adapter.

Inoculation tool to insert mushroom sawdust spawn into log

Inoculation Tool for Sawdust Spawn


Easily “plant” mushroom sawdust spawn into logs using this high quality inoculation tool.  Custom-made by a machinist on Vancouver Island, BC Canada from anodized aluminum with a brass plunger, stainless steel tube, and replaceable wire spring.  Drill holes into log with a 12mm drill bit, insert the mushroom sawdust spawn of your choice with inoculation tool, then cover with melted wax to seal in moisture and prevent contaminants from entering.

Soy wax for log inoculation

Soy Wax


After inoculating logs with plug spawn or sawdust spawn, cover with melted soy wax to retain moisture and keep competitors out while your mushroom colonizes the log.  Melted wax can be applied with a wool dauber, a brush or turkey baster.

Dauber for applying wax to inoculated logs

Wax Daubers


These absorptive wool balls are perfect for soaking up melted wax to seal inoculation points on logs. The daubers have 1” balls with a 4″ metal handle. We also carry mushroom plug spawn and wax for your log inoculation needs.


Wooden dowel pins for mushroom plug spawnHardwood dowels for plug spawn

Wooden Dowel Pins


Wooden dowel pins for mushroom plug spawn. Straight or spiral grooved depending on stock.  5/16 inch x 1 inch or 8mmx25mm.  Expand your grow kit or plug spawn onto hardwood dowels for inoculation into logs and garden beds.

Misting spray bottle for mushroom growing

Misting Spray Bottle


High quality glass misting spray bottles are perfect for keeping your mushrooms humid or disinfecting the lab.  Adjustable spray nozzle with a locked setting to prevent liquid from escaping.  Liquid levels are easy to see through the translucent glass bottle.  Available in 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Glass Stainless Pump Dispenser

Pump Bottle Dispenser


High quality clear glass bottle with a 304 stainless steel pump for dispensing soap, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Available in a small (250ml) and large (500ml) size.