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Unicorn filter patch bagAutoclavable gusseted filter patch bag

Filter Patch Mushroom Grow Bags


Gusseted autoclavable bags with filter patch for mushroom growing.  Fill with substrate and sterilize in pressure canner.  Once cool inoculate with your mushroom culture and seal.  The filter allows air exchange, while keeping contaminants out.

humidity tent for mushroom growing

Humidity Tent


Mushrooms thrive in humidity.  Place this tent over your grow kit to keep humidity in, while allowing air exchange through the ventilation holes.  Made from thick 3mil plastic, it can be used over and over again.

Pearl Oyster mushroom kit on straw

Gusseted Poly Bags for Mushroom Growing


8 X 4 X 18″ 4 MIL gusseted poly bags for mushroom cultivation.  Perfect for expanding your oyster mushroom, and other fast-colonizing species.  Pasteurized and cool straw, then mix in a crumbled Oyster Mushroom Grow kit.  Stuff into the gusseted bag.