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Gifts for MycoNerds

Gifts for MycoNerds


For enthusiasts with a quest to learn!

Liquid Culture

Liquid culture syringes contain mushroom mycelium suspended in a nutrient broth.  Like a pack of “seeds”, each syringe contains the potential to produce an abundance of mushrooms with minimal equipment.  Simply inject culture into rye through an injection port bag, then expand from there.  Perfect for anyone super keen in growing mushrooms, who like to try new things.

Grow Room Supplies

Increase their success in growing mushrooms with these tools to maintain optimal humidity, CO2 levels and temperatures in their grow chamber.

Mushroom Spawn

Blocks of fungal mycelium that can produce a crop of edible or medicinal mushrooms right from the bag, or can be expanded into buckets of straw,, garden beds and logs to produce an abundance of mushrooms year after year.

Mushroom for Christmas

How to Avoid "Blooming Mushrooms" Before the Holidays

Mushroom Mist & Grow Kits contain living threads of fungal mycelium growing in a bag of sawdust.  Extremely resilient, they survive shipping during the freezing cold of winter.  The trouble is, they keep growing as they warm up in a cozy home. After a couple of weeks a surprise bouquet of mushrooms may bloom from a box under the Christmas tree. Oops!  

The key is to keep cold.  Our supply of freshly-grown kits is limited.  Order early with the option to delay shipping.   Read more here….. 


E-Gift Cards

Unsure what they would like best?  Let them choose!

E-Gift Cards will be emailed to the recipient on any date you select.  You can also print and hand-deliver.

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The Key is to Keep Cold or Delay Shipping

Refrigeration will delay fruiting for a month or more, and a cold dark basement will slow them for 2-3 weeks.  A sticker on your parcel will alert the recipient to keep it cold.

We encourage you to order early to avoid the uncertainties of the seasonal postal rush, and delay shipping.  To delay shipping, select a date on the checkout page, found directly under your total order $ value.   If you don’t select a date, we will ship in 1-2 business days.

The elves at our family farm are doing our best to keep everything in stock, but we request your understanding just in case we run out and substitute a similar product in order to ship on time.  

Consider also the option of a non-perishable gift, like booksmushroom hot chocolate, or a gift card so that your loved one can choose a living gift when timing is best for them.

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