Gifts for Wellness

Nourish your loved one’s mind, body & spirit

with health-boosting mushrooms!

Gifts for Wellness

Popular Mushroom Blends & Books

Cozy up with a mug of mushroom hot chocolate or coffee, and read more about the many health benefits.  Add mushroom powders to soups, beverages, smoothies, or anything else. A great choice if you want to promote overall health, with potent immune support, fighting inflammation, cognitive benefits, and improvements in energy and stamina.

Turkey Tail - Fire up the Immunity

Turkey Tail is one of the most researched medicinal mushroom, with hundreds of studies demonstrating health benefits.  Packed with an impressive array of antioxidants this mushroom provides your immune system with a powerful punch!  Many research studies have shown a significant survival advantage for those taking Turkey Tail combined with chemotherapy, over chemotherapy alone.  Add Turkey Tail to your life as either a tincture form or as a concentrated mushroom powder.

Lion's Mane - Boost the Brain

Imagine a gift to help loved-ones be smarter and happier?!  Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane may improve brain function, memory, and cognition, as well as protect against anxiety and depression. Full of powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, just a small amount of Lion’s Mane a day can a positive  difference to health!

Reishi - The Mushroom of Immortality

Reishi mushrooms have long been revered as “the mushroom of immortality” in Asian culture due to their potent anti-aging properties. With documented benefits to heart health, lungs, immune system, cancer fighting, blood sugar levels, depression and fatigue, it’s no wonder Reishi is considered a boost to vitality!  Enjoy powder or tincture in your morning tea or latte. The adventurous might even want to grow their own!

Avoid "Blooming Mushrooms" Before Gifting

Mushroom Mist & Grow Kits contain living threads of fungal mycelium growing in a bag of sawdust.  Once shipped it’s important to follow tracking, and bring them inside to avoid damage from extreme heat or cold.

Keep cold, ideally refrigerated
If stored at room temperature the fungus will keep growing, and may surprise you with a bouquet of mushrooms – before you even get a chance to gift them.  Oops!  Keeping them cold will delay fruiting for a month or more.

Cordyceps & Chaga - Energy and Nutrients

Chaga brews up into a dark earthy beverage packed with so many powerful nutrients that can be hard to find – such as vitamin B complex, vitamin D, potassium, rubidium, copper, selenium, iron, zinc, manganese and more!    Add cordyceps to your diet to improve our blood sugar levels, protect your kidneys, improve your stamina, and add a kick of energy!  

E-Gift Cards

Unsure what they would like best?  Let them choose!

E-Gift Cards will be emailed to the recipient on any date you select.  You can also print and hand-deliver.

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The Key is to Keep Cold or Delay Shipping

Refrigeration will delay fruiting for a month or more, and a cold dark basement will slow them for 2-3 weeks.  A sticker on your parcel will alert the recipient to keep it cold.

We encourage you to order early to avoid the uncertainties of the seasonal postal rush, and delay shipping.  To delay shipping, select a date on the checkout page, found directly under your total order $ value.   If you don’t select a date, we will ship in 1-2 business days.

The elves at our family farm are doing our best to keep everything in stock, but we request your understanding just in case we run out and substitute a similar product in order to ship on time.  

Consider also the option of a non-perishable gift, like booksmushroom hot chocolate, or a gift card so that your loved one can choose a living gift when timing is best for them.

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