'Mist & Grow' Mushroom Kits

Kids are captivated by the mysterious ways in which mushrooms grow.  Simply cut open the bag, mist daily, and watch the mushrooms emerge.

Our Top Picks that are easy to grow – even by young children!

More than a gift, these kits are a memorable experience.
Imagine their satisfaction to cook dinner from mushrooms they grew!

The Mushroom Fan Club

Check out “The Mushroom Fan Club”, an award winning children’s book that explores the magical world of mushrooms!

The Mushroom Fan Club children's book Canada

2019 Children’s Choice Award Finalist

Author Elise Gravel takes us on a whimsical tour of the forest floor, and introduces us to the beautiful, dangerous, and hilarious mushrooms in nature. With a love of nature and mushroom hunting with her own children, and a talent for anthropomorphizing, Gravel is the perfect author to bring us up close and personal with the diversity of the Fungal Kingdom.

The illustrations are cute and quirky, while at the same time detailed and biologically accurate. Gravel has a unique way of presenting real scientific information in an engaging format that will satisfy the thirst for fun and knowledge in budding mycologists of all ages.

Best of 2018 Quill & Quire + the Globe & Mail

We are introduced to “pretty” chanterelles and morels that look like “an alien’s brain”, to bright blue milk producing lactarius indigo and puffballs that make a cloud of smoke when you step on them, and even the “king of the stinkers”; the Dog Stinkhorn, and more!

This is a book you will cherish and want to hand down to future generations.

Recommended Ages: 6 and up
Reading level: Grades 3 and 4
Hardcover, 56 pages.  Dimensions: 6.64 x 0.47 x 9.36 inches

Hot Chocolate Made With Mushrooms?!?!

What gets cooler than that? For your mushroom loving children with an adventurous spirit, choose the certified organic Five Mushroom Chocolate Powder from Harmonic Arts. This soothing blend of cocoa and coconut sugar secretly packs a healthy punch of medicinal benefits, and the bragging rights of mushrooms with cool names like “Cordyceps” and “Chaga”.

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