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Mushroom Plug Spawn - Clearance Sale!

Get your mushroom logs planted before winter sets in.
40% off all plug spawn, while supplies last!!
Visit our educational resource page to learn more.

Ready to Fruit Mushroom Kits

Now back in production at our new facility in Sayward BC. Read  update here.
Lion's Mane Hericium erinaceus mushroom grow kit

Choose from a wide selection of
Ready to Fruit Mushroom Kits.

Cut a hole in the bag, keep humid, and enjoy fresh mushrooms as they emerge. Kits can also be used as sawdust spawn and expanded to bulk substrate and/or freshly cut logs.  Read more on our educational resource page.

Made on Vancouver Island BC Canada from pure hardwood sawdust and organic Canadian wheat bran.

Bulk Pricing (Mix & Match):
Buy 6-10 kits, get 10% off
Buy 11+ kits,   get 15% off

*Ready-to-Fruit Mushroom Kits Back in Production.

Read our update here.

Liquid Culture Syringes

An economical way to expand your mushroom production
Buy 3 or more – Get 15% off

Liquid culture syringe

Maintain relatively sterile technique without expensive lab equipment.

Liquid culture syringes contain mushroom mycelium suspended in a nutrient broth.  After sterilizing the needle with a flame, you can transfer your culture to more nutrient broth, agar, sterilized grains, or bulk substrates.  You can transfer with great success in the open air of your house.  To further increase sterility, transfer within a glove box or in front of a flow hood.

Watch Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology explain the benefits of liquid culture technique.

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Lab Supplies


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