Mushroom Plug spawn or Sawdust Spawn – Which Should I Use?

Mushroom Plug Spawn or Sawdust Spawn Which Should I Use? Mushrooms are easy to grow on logs outdoors, and produce an abundant crop year after year. Shiitake, oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms are some of the most popular types to grow in Canada. All you need is a log from a freshly cut or fallen […]

Chestnut mushrooms

Chestnut Spawn

By popular demand, we are excited to introduce our newest mushroom kit, the gorgeous Chestnut Mushroom, Pholiota adiposa.  Simply cut open and mist daily!  Kit size ~2kg (4lbs+)
Our kits are double the size of most, and bigger kits mean more mushrooms!

Growing With Sawdust Spawn

Learn to Grow Growing With Sawdust Spawn Learn to Grow Sawdust Spawn Inoculation Instructions Need More Information? Your Questions answered Learn to Grow in Depth A few wild mushrooms are deadly poisonous, so when growing mushrooms outdoors it’s important to accurately identify edible mushrooms before eating. BooksShop Now Plug SpawnShop Now Sawdust SpawnShop Now Tools […]

Growing with Plug Spawn

Learn to Grow Growing With Plug Spawn Learn to Grow Plug Spawn Growing your own mushrooms Choosing Mushroom Logs Many edible and medicinal mushrooms can be grown on a variety of freshly cut trees.  Select the right type of tree that is suitable for the  type of mushroom you would like to grow.  Most cultivated […]

Kits, Spawn & Cultures

Different Ways To Shop Grow IndoorsGrow Indoors on your countertop year round. Browse our wide selection.Shop Now Grow OutdoorsPlant once into logs, then and have mushroom crops seasonally year after yearShop Now Next LevelLiquid Cultures are a great way to expand your mushroom production.Shop Now Shop by Category Mist & Grow KitsShop Now Plug SpawnShop […]


Save up to 20% Shop Sales Grow Wine Caps in Your Garden! Check Out Our New Guide Sawdust or Plug Spawn for Logs? Read our New Blog… Mist & Grow KitsGrow delicious mushrooms on your counter topShop Now Growing SuppliesEverything you need to set up your mushroom grow roomShop Now Plant Mushroom LogsInsert plugs or […]

Our Team & Our Vision

Meet the Team Your Success is Our Success MeetTheTeam Build Community Our Vision We envision a Canada where growing mushrooms is accessible to all and a part of a healthy community. Our mission is to build community where we support each other to learn and grow healthy nutritious mushrooms in our unique Canadian climate. Our […]

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The Key is to Keep Cold or Delay Shipping

Refrigeration will delay fruiting for a month or more, and a cold dark basement will slow them for 2-3 weeks.  A sticker on your parcel will alert the recipient to keep it cold.

We encourage you to order early to avoid the uncertainties of the seasonal postal rush, and delay shipping.  To delay shipping, select a date on the checkout page, found directly under your total order $ value.   If you don’t select a date, we will ship in 1-2 business days.

The elves at our family farm are doing our best to keep everything in stock, but we request your understanding just in case we run out and substitute a similar product in order to ship on time.  

Consider also the option of a non-perishable gift, like booksmushroom hot chocolate, or a gift card so that your loved one can choose a living gift when timing is best for them.

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