``Mist & Grow`` Mushroom Kits

Enjoy home-grown mushrooms within weeks!   Simply cut a hole in the bag and mist daily.  Learn more…
Lion's Mane mushroom grow kit

Bigger Kits = More Mushrooms!
Our kits are double the size of most kits on the market.

Grow Mushrooms on Logs Outdoors

Grow nutritious food in shady gardens and forests!

chicken of the woods laeptiporous

Plug Spawn

Easy for Beginners!

Drill holes in freshly cut logs, tap in wooden mushroom plug spawn, and cover with melted wax.

Inoculation tool to insert mushroom sawdust spawn into log

Log Inoculation

Tools & Supplies

High speed drill bits and adapters, wax, wood dowels, inoculation tools

Shiitake mushrooms fruiting from log Canada

Sawdust Spawn

Economical for Farmers

A one time investment in a specialized tools makes inserting sawdust spawn into logs fast!

Liquid Culture

An economical way to expand your mushroom production

Liquid culture syringes contain mushroom mycelium suspended in a nutrient broth.  After sterilizing the needle with a flame, transfer your culture through an injection port to sterilized nutrient broth, agar, grains, or bulk substrates. This technique empowers you to maintain relatively sterile technique without expensive lab equipment. Transfer with great success in the open air of your house, but for increased sterility, transfer within a glove box or in front of a flow hood.

Growing Supplies